What up!! We are a group of like minded individuals who have a passion for digital marketing and e-Commerce.

Now if you’re wondering why would we create a website to brag about our liking towards eCommerce or digital marketing? simple… we like to test, test,test and test!

After trying numerous channels FBA,FBA clientele support, Affiliate Marketing, CPA offers, Shopify,Ebay Fliping,Email list, Bitcoins, Day Trading, Copy Writing etc… we simply want to see what works best and what didn’t. Now the later part is where the $$$$$ are mapped out and lot of people end up crawling around.

We decided to research more and dig little more by joining forums, take courses, attending seminars and chase after anything and everything shiny. End results is either non-scalable models, breaking even and worse of all….wasted time on learning things that don’t work.

So this site will serve as the journal of all our success and most importantly – our failures. Hope you can pick up some tips or learn from our mistake or even share some tricks/tips with us.